We use trailers of all types and can tailor a vehicle or trailer to your own job specification.

Our standard flat trailers have payload capacities of 29 tonnes. They are 13.6 metres long and 2.4 metres wide. We are able to fit a full arrest system to the sides and rear to protect slingers etc whilst loading/offloading. Some trailers carry strong side pins to allow us to carry around objects to eliminate the risk of falling off whilst in transit.

All our truck carry sheets and nets for enhanced safety and to keep goods dry when in transit.

Our curtain sided fleet consist of 13.6 meters long trailers and approx. 2.4 metres wide with a loading aperture of approx. 2.6 metres.

Maximum carrying capacity is approx. 28 tonnes.


Our drivers are all trained in house to our exacting requirements. Experience and enthusiasm is key to our customers, full satisfaction with whatever job we do.